A multipurpose community rewards token, for a multipurpose plarfrom.

initial liquidity locked for 6 month. 70% of total supply is set to a 3 year vesting contract.

TOTAL $gNFT Supply: 21m
                          - Deflationary Strategies

Community Rewards: 11mill
[various distribution mechanics]

BUIDL/Staffing/Investing: 4m

Marketing/Partners: 2m

Ecosystem Grants: 1m

Presale(s): 1m

Core Team: 2m



Untitled design (19).png

Earn NFT's, $gnft and tokens from participating projects every 14 days! even if you don't win, you can't lose!!!

By integrating PoolTogether's loss-less raffle protocol, we've added the ability for you to stake $gNFT to receive $pgNFT on a 1:1 basis. $pgNFT acts as a raffle ticket for automated bi-weekly raffles. If you don't win, you keep your tickets, which you can redeem any time for the underlying $gNFT!


hubSWAP is a 3rd party integration; and while we've tested it without any issues, we cannot ocmpensate losses if it malfunctions.