March 2021 - Updates

We’re definitely overdue for this update, but as you’re surely aware if you’re a part of the NFT ecosystem, things have been a little crazy. March was a fairly quiet month within NFThub itself, but there are a few things that definitely warrant a mention. Likely the most important update: We’ll soon be finalizing the token economics for our native governance/utility token; $gNFT (Got NFT?). The current plan, which may change based on necessity or on our ability to integrate some of the features without currently having a developer on the team, is to bypass gas fees by issuing our token on Fuse , then establishing a bridge network to both xDAI and Polygon (previously Matic Network) . We are soon to be onboarded to Colony v2 early-access; which will serve as the framework for the NFThub DAO, currently on xDAI. The token issuance may natively happen on Polygon over Fuse, simply to avoid the necessity of having a bridge mapped. In either case, the current plan is to hold a public IDO via DxSale , allowing for full transparency and automated dex listing, along with automated locking of X% of generated liquidity and the team’s token reserve.

Launching our DAO on xDAI provides a number of immediate benefits. First, the transaction fees are next-to-nothing; hundreds of transactions can be performed before the fees add up 0.01 USD. Additionally, as NFTs rise in popularity, sidechains and L2 solutions are following the trend. On xDAI specifically, there are at least 4 NFT platforms at present, and it’s likely that there will be more quite soon. That said, NFThub is a blockchain-agnostic resource portal / community resource, so our officially issued NFT’s will live on a number of networks, with (technically) WAX io actually being the first, after we issued NFT’s there to reward attendees of CGC:NFT. Another exciting update is that we’ll soon be building a digital HQ in a customized world we’ve obtained from Topia ( Interestingly, their founders are also big fans of CryptoArt NFTs, and we may or may not be discussing tokenizing their openly customizable worlds as NFT assets. 😉 For an interesting example of their interest in NFT’s before we started talking with them about the potential, have a look at their NFT gallery.

NFThub has been INVITED to the Alchemy Certified Infrastructure Aliiance !!! For those of you who are new-ish to the Ethereum ecosystem and may not realize how big of a deal that is; to paraphrase from my emails with their team “usually the program is aimed at larger protocols, like Sushi, Shapeshift, OpenSea, and Yearn but we love what you guys are doing for the NFT space and wanted to offer you a spot”. We’re incredibly proud of this one, especially considered we didn’t apply for the Certified Infrastructure Alliance. We did apply for the “Amplify” program, but were genuinely surprised to be invited to a be a part of an initiative that currently includes so many top-tier projects. We have a lot in store for 2021, which is being widely referred to as “The Year of the NFT”, which it certainly may be! We’re excited and honored to be the first platform of its kind in an industry that seems primed to eat the world, and glad that you’re on this journey with us. Be sure to follow us here, and on other social platforms, and join our community on Discord to stay up to date on all the news from NFT land. Website | Discord | Twitter | Publish0x | 2key | NFTs (soon) | Torum

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