NFT Farming

While yield farming is no doubt a lucrative strategy, it is also often a short-lived one as the platform tokens steadily decline in price due to low utility, no incentives to HODL, and a rapid rate of inflation.

To add value to $gNFT without driving the price down perpetually; we've taken a different approach to traditional yield farming as a LP incentive. 

Similarly to $MEME, the community is able to stake $gNFT to earn points redeemable for NFT's, but whereas $MEME is only useful for that reason, $gNFT has numerous other usecases, and the NFT's earned from single-asset staking have their own utility as part of our upcoming gamification system.

If you'd like to have your art included in the rotation for the "Ain't That Nifty" NFT farm, feel free to fill out an application below, or join us in the community discord and state your interest in the #art-oppurtunities channel. 

Applications opening soon!

Nonfungible Factions

Stake $gNFT tokens to earn a faction banner, allowing you to participate in the NFThub quests and faction warfare system. Full details can be found here and the feature is still being developed; but put simply, quests are guided learning modules with varying rewards, and the faction warfare is a quarterly challenge that rewards the entire faction whose members have completed the most quests. 

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Ain't That Nifty

Earned by staking $gNFT/$MATIC LP tokens (Quickswap LP), your points can be redeemed to receive exlusive high-quality art NFT's from various established artists as well as emerging talents.  Artoworks in the Ain't That Nifty collection will be announced 48-72 hours before their release, and will be available in very limited quantities. Each NFT will require a the claimant to pay a 10 $MATIC redemption fee, half of which goes directly to the artist, and the other half of which is used to buy back and burn $gNFT during the weekly burn events.


Deflation Farming