Unlock Protocol

Unlock Protocol

1. A fun experiment to show how Non Fungible Tokens can be used to represent badges!
2. At Unlock, we believe that Non Fungible Tokens can be badges to show "membership", and yes, the Twitter Checkmark is an identifier for, as Vitalik calls it the blue checkmark class.
3. Unlock lets you easily lock and manage access to your content, apps, community and even real life events and spaces.
4. Unlock is an open source protocol. Integrate it in any and every way you’d like. It’s also permissionless – there are no middlemen.
5. We’ve built a few apps to showcase the power of Unlock. Create a lock on the dashboard and get started or check out some of the apps.
6. Telegram profile - https://t.me/unlockprotocol
7. Twitter profile - https://twitter.com/UnlockProtocol


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