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Our daily lives are now more digital than ever before; and cryptocurrency has become a commonplace term, but blockchain isn't just magic internet money. NFT's are poised to disrupt the entire global media industry.... and we couldn't be happier about it.

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We're Combining a Metaverse Worth    of Features.

Without any unnecessary bullshit.

We're BUIDL'ing NFThub because we've been in the NFT space; watching it advance at warp speed and finding it harder and harder every day to keep pace.


Our motivation isn't economic; we aren't trying to build a wildly profitable product. In fact, there's not even a paid membership.


The motivation is simple; we want a reliable source to find the news, events, products, communities etc. that are relevant to NFTs and the Metaverse; and we're confident in the assumption that you want it too.

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Coming Soon

- Blockchain agnostic NFT Directory with open submissions.
- Real-Time Market data for NFT-focused tokens
- Public event calendar with open submissions
- Open-discussion community forum

- "Guilds" [sub-community creation with plans for gamification]
- Profile customization

- RSS-driven media feeds 
- Trustless cross-chain DEX
- Large discord community at

- DAO Governance

- Yield Farming

- Guild vs. Guild challenges

- Dapp Analytics

- Community-driven events and contests

- Recurring community calls
- NFT gaming nights
and so much more!

We have no freemium model.
Every feature listed is fully accessible, for free, forever.


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